A – Music Group or Soloist


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Sect. A – Music Group or Soloist
There are no limits on the group formation; a single person can participate as a soloist (namely, a single performer with unlimited choice of musical instruments). The music genre has to belong to the following list: Jazz, Rock, Electronic/Electroacoustic/Acousmatic, Contemporary Music (without any aesthetic limits).
Subscription to the Competition before the 30th June 2021 by means of the payment of the registration fee (35 €).
Submission of the material (UPLOAD) before and no later than 12 pm (midnight) of the 30th July 2021.
– The material to be submitted (UPLOAD) through the uploading form has to be as follows:
– one copy of the audio WAV or AIFF file (44.100 Hz/ 16 bit);
– one photo of the group;
– names of the authors and members of the group.
– The maximum duration of the music amounts to 8 minutes. Compositions exceeding this duration will not be taken into consideration
– The winner will be granted € 500.00 as a fee for his/her artistic contribution;
– Finalists may be invited to participate to events organized by OA.
– Management of Copyright: “A“ license