2ARTS presents

Opera Prima

International competition for composers and performers.

Total prize pool 1.300,00

Covid-19 info

Due to Covid-19 the competition dates will be postponed.

Subscription: 30th June 2021 / 30th September 2021

Submission of the material: 30th July 2021 / 30th October 2021

About us

The 2ARTS – Opera Prima project stems from the desire to offer a 360° opera experience, which activates and deeply involves all the senses. Hence the idea of ​​combining the visual arts (paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings) with music.

The physical work and the accompanying piece of music come together and merge, becoming an indissoluble unicum, in which the user “feels” the work of art from both an emotional and a perceptive point of view. The exhibition of the physical work will therefore always be combined with an audio file, with a score, which will also be listened to through the platform created by Open Artelier.

Similarly, the works will be sold together: in addition to the rights of “possession” and “reproduction” of the physical work (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.), the buyer will also acquire the rights to reproduce the musical piece, in compliance with copyright legislation.

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Total prize pool 1.300,00

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Start The 15th of February.

International competition for composers and performers.

Open Artelier – 2Arts

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